Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy... just $1100 down

That’s right, just $1100 gets you on the road to freedom.
Chapter 7 bankruptcy for $1100

Get your case filed today with only $1100 up front.

In order to file Chapter 7 in Salt Lake City bankruptcy court, you will often need to pay both a court filing fee ($335 in Salt Lake City) as well your attorney fees upfront. However, I know how tough it can be to make such a large payment up front, so I will take your case and get to work so you can have the protection you need from bankruptcy as soon as possible. You pay only the attorney fees up front, and we can take care of your court filing fee later.

How does the court filing fee get paid?

We will file a motion requesting an installment plan for the $335 court filing fee at the same time we file your bankruptcy case.  Once this request is granted, you will have to pay a $100 initial installment payment within the first couple weeks.  After that, you make smaller payments (around $79 each) every two weeks until the fee is fulfilled.  This payment does not go through us but rather is paid directly to the court by debit or credit card. 

It is extremely important to make these payments by their due dates – the court does not grant a grace period and your case will be dismissed if you miss a single installment.  They offer this payment plan understanding that financial hardship is the reason for filing bankruptcy and that many people cannot afford the lump sum up front, but they are not lenient on timing.  If you have defaulted on installment payments with past filings, you may not be allowed to take advantage of the payment plan option..

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