Utah Credit Counseling Class

Just like high school math, it’s mandatory.


First Things First - Credit Counseling Class

You may have seen somewhere during internet research on bankruptcy that, before you can file your bankruptcy case in Salt Lake City, you have to take a credit counseling class. This is mandatory, and your lawyer needs to have the certificate of completion in order to file your case.

What Is The Credit Counseling Class?

It is really less of a class and more of an opportunity for you to type your information into a website. The sort of questions they will ask are along the lines of your income, monthly expenses, the debts you will enter into your bankruptcy claim, and some personal information. Once you have answered all of their questions, you will have an online chat session with a so-called counselor, during which you will confirm the information you gave the website. Then you will be emailed a certificate of completion, which is required by the court as part of the paperwork submitted when your attorney files your case.


While I don’t personally agree with this step and consider it more or less a waste of your money and time, it is mandatory.  It is their way of trying to eliminate the filers that don’t actually need bankruptcy.  It seems a rather ineffective step, however, because almost anyone files a bankruptcy claim sincerely needs financial help – and fast - and the “class” does not change that fact!

Where The Class Held?

There are options, but the one I recommend to my clients is Access Counseling.  Their rates are the best around, just $12.95 regardless of whether you are filing as single or married.  There are some places that will charge as much as $75 for the exact same service!     

Next - Financial Management Class

The next class you will take is an online session, the Financial Management Class. You don’t take this class until after your case is filed because you need to enter your bankruptcy case number into the online program.  You’ve got at least a couple of months after the case is filed to get this done so don’t worry about it right away, but don’t forget about it either!

What is this class?

The Financial Management Class is a series of online videos and a few easy quizzes that may, unlike the previous class, actually benefit you. The class will take more time (over two hours) and cover more topics that give you useful information about budgets and some techniques on how to survive financially. You will be sitting at the computer for quite a while for this one, so be prepared! This class is also mandatory, and your lawyer will need to submit a certificate of completion to the court to receive your discharge order – which is the whole goal!

Where do you go to take the class?

Again, Access Counseling has the best rates I’ve seen at only $12.95, even for a married couple.

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