Now...File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with Just $310!

low-cost chapter 13 bankruptcy

Coming up with the large upfront attorney fees needed just to get a bankruptcy claim filed in Salt Lake City can be impossible, especially with creditors and collections agencies already taking every last bit you’ve got.  Knowing how hard this can be, I am now offering the chance to file without paying any attorney fees ahead of time.  You pay only the legally-required bankruptcy court filing fee (the fee for Salt Lake City is $310) and we’ll get started on your case, putting you that much more quickly on the road to the relief and protection you will get from bankruptcy.

This no-money-down offer is for filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which is an amazing federal debt consolidation program that got a turbo charger back in 2005 when congress overhauled the existing bankruptcy laws.  Prior to 2005 most people had to pay back at least 30% of their total unsecured debt in order to get their repayment plan approved.  But after the big changes to the law congress did away with that requirement.  Now I file many, many cases where my clients only pay back pennies on the dollar!  In a lot of cases the chapter 13 payment is only $100 to $150 per month for 36 months, regardless of how much you owe.  The best part?  You won’t even have to pay all of your outstanding debt in full – after 36 months, your debt is discharged regardless of how much is left and you’re done – free and clear!

To find out more about this great $0 down deal for your Chapter 13 claim, call or text me on my cell phone at 801.721.9633.  I have many years of experience with cases just like yours, and I know how to best make Chapter 13 bankruptcy work for you.

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